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Wedding Ideas: Powder Tones, Magnolias & Agate Crystals

Powder shades they are simply dreamlike beautiful! We love them especially because they immerse every wedding in a tender mood and immediately convey the feeling of a new beginning.

No wonder that powder tones are always at the top of the list of the most beautiful wedding colours. They determine the colour world of the hottest wedding dresses and also in the wedding stationery the tender tones are more and more frequent.

Powder Colours Rose-Quartz & Serenity

The basis for this wedding concept were the Pantone colours Rose-Quartz and Serenity, which were harmoniously combined in their different colour shades. The combination of warm and cold colours also gives the elements a varied tension. The industrial backdrop offers the perfect space for this versatile wedding concept. Here you can work wonderfully with puristic-modern, lovely-romantic and even rustic elements and let them merge into one unit.

The perfect flowers for your wedding concept

A tip: If you still have some time just before your wedding, stroll through the streets, meadows or woods and discover an element that only exists at a certain time. Here it is the blossoming magnolia branch. Whenever you see this element in the years to come, you will have the wonderful mood of your wedding in mind.

Trauhintergrund with significant words

Imagine being a guest at your own wedding. The doors to the wedding place open, quiet, atmospheric music sounds and you enter the room. You look along the central aisle and your gaze gets caught by the background design of the place where the bride and groom say yes to each other in a few minutes. There you can see the trausp or a quotation written on a banner, which expresses the meaning of this moment and strengthens the magical mood. Wonderful, isn’t it? You can easily create such a banner by having your slogan printed on canvas by an advertising company, or by simply writing the words with a brush on a piece of fabric hung over a pole.

The bridal bouquet

The wonderful, luxuriant bouquet picks up on all current trends: with softly falling, long ribbons, silver-leaved eucalyptus green and an asymmetrical, almost wild binding that makes the flowers look very natural. In addition, flowers of different sizes have been used, giving the arrangement a multi-layered effect. Pay attention to how different the bouquet looks when presented standing or in different carrying positions. In the picture below you could almost think that the bouquet was bound as a waterfall.