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Wedding Dress Straps: Variants and Styles

There are roughly 6 types of wedding dress straps. To help you get closer to your dream dress quickly, we will inform you here about all styles, so that you can further limit your choice.

In general it can be said that half of all wedding dresses are worn. Wearers provide better support and more wearing comfort, but can also be used by the designer as an optical accent.

Spaghetti straps

Thin beams always set optical accents at first glance. However, they are mainly used for wearing comfort. Occasionally they are also optically decorated with pearls or rhinestones, matching the design of the dress. Spaghetti straps are elegant and always a little sexy.

Width of beams

Wide straps offer high wearing comfort and can elegantly conceal any problem areas in the shoulder area. If you want to wear a bra with straps under your wedding dress, it will be perfectly concealed by the wide straps. A dress with wide straps is not only comfortable to wear, it also offers the possibility to wear a deep V-neck.

Halter neck

The neck holder may be called probably undisputedly as the most seductive carrier variant. As you can see on the pictures, the neckholder allows sexy necklines and at the same time allows deep insights at the back.

Carmen straps

The Carmen strap does not really fulfil any real carrier function, rather it sets optical accents by giving almost every dress a so-called X-shape. The décolleté is emphasized and distracted from the shoulders, which is why brides with slightly too strong shoulders should take a closer look at wedding dresses with Carmen straps.

One shoulder

The one-shoulder carrier, also often called asymmetric or diagonal carrier, is, as the name suggests, only a single carrier, which can not only be asymmetric, but also only on the side to which it is attached. In addition to its supporting function, the one-shoulder wearer ensures a chic and feminine look, which is currently fully in line with the bridal fashion trend.

Sleeve straps

Sleeve straps are all straps that merge into sleeves or are provided with sleeves, whether short cap sleeves or 3/4-long. Sleeves are used for wedding dresses in the spring and winter season or to conceal problemönchen in the shoulder area. The effect of sleeves is often faked by wearing a bolero made of silk or lace.

High necked

High-closing wedding dresses actually have no functional straps. Here it is the neckline that covers the neckline and is worn close to the neck. High-necked or dresses with mandarin collars are usually worn sleeveless and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. They look very elegant and formal.