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Rock & Top | Two Piece Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress doesn’t always have to be a wedding dress! If you have a look at the current wedding dress collections, you won’t have missed out on the fact that a former no no has become topical and ultra modern again: the Top & Rock combination most conspicuously represented by the tight tops, which even show some belly on the bride. The boho style has now also arrived in the high class of bridal fashion, and we’ll show you the best ways to wear the Top & Rock combination on your wedding day!

Two piece wedding dresses belly free

First of all, the new trend in boho style became modern, because at first glance it also fits: Loose and airy wedding dresses with lots of lace and an alternative character the way to a free belly is not far away! The trend is also most frequently seen with a mix of materials: while the tops are either made entirely of lace or at least have been refined with lace, the skirts are simply kept in flowing tulle. This contrast brings out the Top&Rock combination even more clearly.

The tops can also be varied: While the necklines of the belly free version are mostly held up to emphasize the waist, the sleeves can be varied: From long to short here goes what you like!

In the belly free version there are different possibilities from the short belly flash to the really belly free top. The only important thing about the skirt is that it should sit above the waist the navel should not or hardly be visible. In this way, the classic character of the look is retained despite the belly free variant. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the outfit, as with any other wedding dress, should of course be suitable for the wedding itself completely belly free wedding dresses are best made in quite casual, casual weddings in the Bohemian style.

The somewhat more diluted version, with a little skin between the skirt and the top, is very modern and can also be a great and very trendy option for civil or free weddings. As always, it is important that the bride feels comfortable!

Two piece wedding dresses romantic

Of course, it doesn’t have to be belly free the simple combination of top and beautiful skirt can also be used classically as a wedding dress! In the romantic version with lace top and long, flowing tulle skirt you can hardly see that it is not a dress but two pieces.

Absolute advantage of this variant: The bride can often put it together as she wants. Some bridal fashion manufacturers design the upper and lower parts separately and they are already designed to be combined as desired.

A further unbeatable advantage: If you would like to wear two looks on your wedding day, a 2 piece is the perfect choice: You like the long lace sleeves, but would like something practical to dance to at the party? Then simply change the long tulle skirt with a short skirt in the colour of your choice! The bride’s shoes will make a big impression too!

Or do you like the long skirt in the evening, but it can be a bit more for the party? Then off with the long sleeves and into a beautiful silk top with thin straps: Ideal for warm summer nights.

Two piece wedding dresses in colour

Rock and top are of course ideal for brides who like to experiment with colour: Especially with skirts, the bride can let off steam in terms of colour. A white lace top secures the “bridal feeling”, the coloured skirt gives the outfit character. And here again, it’s true what’s permitted is what’s liked! The absolutely trendy batik variant is something for very modern brides, but ideal for an urban, chic wedding!

It doesn’t have to be batik and blue grey: A tulle skirt also looks beautiful in light pink or other colour nuances and gives the bridal outfit a certain modern flair. If you like it very unusual, you can of course also put together a black bridal look! Tulle skirts in different colours can of course also be bought separately from the top you can put together your bridal outfit without being tied to a bridal label.

You like the look but it’s not for you as a bride? Then perhaps this is a great alternative for your bridesmaids or witnesses! Since top and skirt can also be worn separately from each other, they have a piece of memory of your wedding day, which they can also wear in everyday life.

Two piece wedding dresses with glamour

Two piece wedding dresses are not only something for a casual boho style, the look has also more than arrived in high fashion. Labels that are known for their slim, figure hugging wedding dresses with lots of lace and tulle like to focus on the relaxed and modern effect that a Rock&Top combination brings with it.

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