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Ideas Wedding: Wonderful Beach Wedding

Do you know what fascinated us so much about these wedding ideas for the beach wedding? An inspiration board was created for the shooting and all service providers simply brought what they had in mind. The result: Wonderfully atmospheric and an absolute sign that all service providers fit together perfectly.

Perfect play of colours: mint, beige and green

Stephanie Kunde’s favourite colour is mint, which is why it quickly became clear which leading colour the shooting should have. The natural surroundings add delicate blue and beige and soften the sometimes very strong tone wonderfully and give it room to work. In addition, the turquoise should be allowed to change in different colour nuances up to a natural green shade. The beautiful bridal bouquet is a perfect match for a beach theme. Equipped with shells and thistles it reminds in every detail of an underwater landscape.

Bridal bouquet for the beach wedding

Many people think that a bridal bouquet for a beach wedding has to be decorated with blue flowers to make it fit. If this bouquet had been designed with turquoise flowers, it would only be half as beautiful.


Blue veil or stole

What a beautiful colour detail: the veil or stole complement the lace wedding dress with wonderful sea breeze accents.

The stationery

When looking at the atmospheric pictures you can hear the shells of the wind chimes jingling. Meike’s natural styling fits perfectly into this mood.

A wonderful idea: Advent calendar candles show the wedding date. Great! And if you have the opportunity, pack your stationery on the wedding day and have it photographed in the mood of the location, as you can see on the card photographed in the sand.

Special Ideas

The Villa Sermolli is simply a fantastic location to get married, the wedding professionals tell us. “It stands on a hill lined with olive trees and lush lemons grow everywhere in the surrounding gardens of the idyllic houses.

In Italian style, the dishes also play an important role in the decoration concept: sun-ripened capers, cold-pressed olive oil from our own production, aromatic prosciutto and fresh white bread have therefore been integrated. “We serve Limoncello as an aperitif”, Elisabeth Cardich explains her thoughts. “The food is served with perfectly tempered white wine.”

Enchanting details

Also offers different variations of the cupcakes. As you can see in this example, it is much nicer to use different frostings and decors. The stationery was designed with beautiful writing and looks as if it was inscribed by hand. In addition, natural paper and small fine details, which reproduce the leading colour. Perfect!

Indescribable variety

One bride – 5 stylings – 5 different effects. You can see the effect of changing the smallest details during this shooting. We could write novels for each picture. Instead, we would like to encourage you to read the pictures and discover the many little things that make this shooting so wonderful. Just browse back to the beginning and like us, enjoy the many elements that complement the theme in a skilful combination.