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Gloves for the Bride

Bridal gloves look simply stunning with strapless or sleeveless dresses. We explain to you what glove lengths there are.

Gloves are a great accessory and refine the overall look of a bride. They are only worn with sleeveless or short-sleeved wedding dresses, you can choose between a variety of fabrics. From classic satin to romantic lace. Gloves can also add a little colour to your bridal outfit by choosing a colour that runs through the entire wedding decoration rather than white.

For ring exchange during the wedding ceremony it is advisable to wear fingerless gloves or inverted gloves. This is held by a band that covers the middle finger.

These short gloves only cover your hands and end either slightly before or slightly after the wrist, as shown in the pictures below. They are a good choice if you want to wear gloves but don’t want to cover your whole arm at the same time. The gloves are less formal than other lengths, but still set accents.

Elbow gloves end either just before or just after the elbow. This type of glove draws the attention especially to the upper arm and fits accordingly to short-sleeved dresses.

These gloves are the golden middle between wrist and elbow gloves, not too long and not too short. Just the right thing for strapless or sleeveless dresses.
opera gloves

Opera gloves are the most formal of all bridal gloves. They reach to the upper arm and look simply exciting with strapless or sleeveless dresses.