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Elegant Bridal Headdress

Here we outline the bride’s headdress: tiara, headband, curlies, hair comb and hat – framed with pictures of our favourite designers.

There are a variety of ways in which you can skilfully stage your bridal hairstyle. Head ornament used to be used to attach the veil. Today it is usually worn as a veil replacement. For example, curlies with pearls and combed hair with beautiful silk blossoms give the bridal hairstyle that extra touch!


Curlies, also called hair spirals, are a very popular hair ornament. Curlies can easily be twisted into the bride’s hairstyle, look like free-standing pearls or stones and also attach the actual bridal hairstyle. Curlies are particularly suitable for hairstyles with little volume. Curlies with pearls or crystal clear rhinestones adorn the bride’s hairstyle particularly beautifully.

Headband and headband

The headband is a classic expression. It is held together by hangers behind the ears or by a narrow band at the back of the head. Since Vintage and Gatsby have been on everyone’s lips, headbands have had a renaissance in bridal fashion, whether narrow or wide. Headbands can be made of satin, lace or the same material as your dress or as headbands made of various materials, studded with floral applications and sparkling stones.


The tiara, also called tiara, is a very popular headdress with a touch of royal glamour and always sits on top, like a little crown (hence the name) on the head. Usually the tiara consists of crystals, diamonds, cubic-zirconia diamonds or rhinestones. Currently, the trend is towards elaborate flower applications or a hint of veil that is attached to the ends of tiara.

Hair comb

The hair comb is probably the most popular hair accessory for brides at the moment, not least because of its versatility, as almost everything can be attached to it in any size. From tulle and organza, feathers and short birdcage veils to a wide variety of silk or satin flower applications. Hairstyling combs can be discreet to lavishly opulent and are ideal for updos. They are worn to the side or back of the bridal hairstyle.


The hat is by far the least traditional bridal accessory – but that doesn’t make it any less effective. A large hat with a chiffon scarf is particularly suitable for a summer outdoor wedding, as it looks very elegant and Victorian. If you decide to wear a hat, you should talk to your photographer about it. Because for some wedding photos the hat is often taken off, which in turn means that you also need a perfectly fitting hairstyle under the hat.