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Bridesmaids: Tasks & Meaning (50 Different Bridesmaids Ideas)

Which of your close friends is suitable for this responsible task? We’ll tell you who can be a bridesmaid and what criteria they should meet!

At large and traditional weddings the bride is often accompanied by bridesmaids. The tradition of bridesmaids, however, is not as alive here as it used to be. A little forgotten, the custom of bridesmaids is experiencing a renaissance, not least because of countless Hollywood romances. The custom of bridesmaids does not have to be kitschy – on the contrary, accompanying bridesmaids really staged the bride and wedding ceremony and they are also a great help.

The custom

Originally the bridesmaids were there to distract evil spirits from the bride. So they put on nice dresses to look as similar as possible to the bride and to confuse the evil demons. So if an evil spirit had decided to occupy the bride, he would have looked very stupid out of his clothes, because he would have met many young, festively dressed virgins at the wedding feast and would probably have left Dannen confused, since he would not have been able to determine who the real bride is. In short, the bridesmaids were a protection against pagan spiritual dangers. Today the bridesmaids have a completely different function.

Bridesmaids today

The rather thankless task of the bridesmaid in the central altar has changed over the centuries into an exciting and special one. Being a bridesmaid at a wedding is not only fun, it is above all a great honour and involves some duties for the bride.

Bridesmaids help with wedding preparations and take care of the bride’s appearance on her wedding day. Through bridesmaids the bride can enjoy the preparations for her big day together with her friends. Thus anticipation takes the place of excitement and panic. On your wedding day, get help in the wedding dress, buy the bridesmaids dresses together and enjoy being cared for by your friends.

As bride, you choose your bridesmaids yourself. Make a list of all really good friends and think about who to consider as a bridesmaid. In Germany usually three or four bridesmaids are named, but they may also be more or less. However, the number of eight bridesmaids should not be exceeded.

Ask your respective candidates at a serious moment and make them aware that they should be a reliable support for your big day. Don’t ask anything impossible, because your bridesmaids probably do their job for the first time and have to grow into their role first.

The criteria

A bridesmaid should be a good friend and traditionally unmarried. It is not advisable to choose a bridesmaid who was too good friends with the groom in the past, or even a former partner of his. Besides, it is rather unusual to choose bridesmaids from the circle of the groom’s relatives.

Remember that you ask your bridesmaids to make a substantial contribution to your wedding, both personally and financially. The bridesmaids themselves are responsible for the costs of transport, accommodation, clothing and accessories. They should also have organizational talent and of course be motivated. They should also know that they are part of the festivities and that they too will be in the spotlight and will therefore be looked after more than usual.


The clothes

The bridesmaids’ dresses are selected together with the bride. A wonderful time with friends and a few glasses of sparkling wine can begin!

Difficult decisions have to be made, e.g. which colour is common to all bridesmaids and also pleases all equally is only one of them. Once a colour has been chosen, the style of the bridesmaid dress must harmonise with that of the wedding dress. The bridesmaids should only be the bride’s company and beautiful background and not steal the bride’s show.

For large and elaborate weddings, the bridesmaids should appear in evening or cocktail dresses. For weddings on a smaller scale, simpler cuts are appropriate for bridesmaids’ dresses. If you don’t have the ideas and imagination for exciting bridesmaids clothing, take a look at our Bridesmaids Dresses Gallery and collect ideas and inspiration.


The Bridal Party

A great experience for bride and bridesmaids is the bridal party. A custom that originates from the American “bridal shower” and is becoming more and more popular here. Just because it is fun to have a good time with friends, to exchange thoughts and to look forward to the wedding together.

The bridal party can be celebrated as brunch, elegant lunch or couch party with delivered pizzas. The bridesmaids bring little presents for the bride. Humorous and meanwhile more frequent, are above all also gifts with a winking reference to the wedding night. With a few glasses of sparkling wine, old wedding customs are researched together and leafed through in countless bridal magazines. In addition, if not already done, the bridesmaids’ dresses are selected and details such as hairstyles and accessories are discussed.

Our tip: let your hairdresser come to the bridal party so that he can stick his hair on all the girls and you can decide together which hairstyle suits the bride and bridesmaids best. In addition, on the wedding morning there can be no mishaps and misunderstandings at the hairdresser.

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