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Bridal Shoes: Tips & Trivia

Your feet should feel really comfortable only in already worn out shoes. But that’s exactly what they’re not supposed to be on the wedding day. Chic bridal shoes must come, of course in style and color matched to the wedding dress. So please never, really never decide for shoes that are not in line with your wedding dress.

If you are going to wear a simple, simple wedding dress, you should also wear simple shoes, such as strappy shoes with low heels or slippers. The closed pump with narrow heel fits a rather festive dress – the classic bridal shoe par excellence. Strappy shoes with a higher heel, on the other hand, go well with a light wedding dress. Bridal shoes should be simple, without much flourish and preferably made of smooth leather.

To the paragraph can be said generalized, the higher the better your legs and your overall appearance will work. Flat shoes simply don’t match the classic wedding dress. However, a woman who is used to flat shoes does not necessarily have to hit in front of the altar with high heels. The middle way would be just the right thing here, i.e. a paragraph that is not too high and not too narrow. And if you want to wear higher shoes than usual, it is not the very best idea to do this for the first time on your wedding day. If you are used to wearing high heels daily or regularly, there is nothing against walking gracefully down the aisle with stilettos. However, you should note that you may now be taller than your groom.

If you don’t feel your bride’s shoes on the wedding day and don’t want to feel any pain when dancing, and in any case don’t want to be carried over the threshold late at night with blisters on your feet, you should definitely start wearing your shoes a few weeks before the wedding. Not on the street, of course, but at home or in the office.

You should also find your bridal shoes before the first appointment of your wedding dress so that the hem of your dress can be staked in the correct length.