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33 Wedding Dresses For The Registry Office

For many, marrying at the registry office is the wedding ceremony itself. For some it is an occasion that requires a second, simpler wedding dress. Therefore every bride has to ask herself the question: Which wedding dress is right for the registry office? Often the wedding dresses for the registry office are somewhat more simple. With a wide ball gown you can marry at the registry office. But then there should also be a certain ambience at the location. Charming princess dresses shine even more in the right surroundings.

The perfect wedding dress for the registry office find

Those who will celebrate a beautiful but smaller wedding ceremony in the registry office in the city are often looking for an elegant, but not too pompous wedding dress. Today, whatever you like is allowed – the possibilities are endless. Therefore we have collected dreamlike wedding dresses to give you an overview of different styles.

These dresses are also a possibility for brides who, for reasons of cost, pay attention to the budget and look for cheap wedding dress alternatives. Our selection of beautiful and inexpensive wedding dresses is also suitable for a free wedding ceremony or even a wedding in the church. After all, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the designer wedding dress. In any case, we have found an enchanting alternative for every wedding style.

The classically simple wedding dress for the registry office

White, long, lacey. This is what we think of when we imagine a classic wedding dress. Although you don’t get married in church, your dream dress can also radiate this charm at the registry office. We have some suggestions for you, how a dreamlike wedding dress for the registry office can look like.


Register Office Dress: Long Models

The typical white, long summer dress with beautiful straps and delicate fabric looks also on the registry office fantastically beautiful. So look around for models that have a flattering tulle skirt. It looks festive and noble. Flower appliqués are trendy and conjure up a romantic look. Especially for the summer this is a magical solution for the wedding dress at the registry office.

A white blazer is the best way to cover your shoulders during the wedding ceremony. Or you can take a scarf with you. This will also protect you from possibly cooler temperatures in the evening. Make sure that the white tones do not bite each other. If this is the case, it is better to switch to a different colour. A delicate pink or a stylish grey, for example, is suitable here.
Many more great models you can find at Cocomelody in the overview wedding dress registry office.

Registry Office Dress

Lace is not to be excluded from the current wedding dress collections. For a few years now, this fine fabric has dominated the catwalks of the most famous fashion designers. Such a dress is also suitable for the registry office to conjure up a romantic look. You like a little glitter and glamour? If playful wedding dresses with a little kick are exactly your thing, then we have some suggestions for you here. Coloured accents on wedding dresses are trendy and also look magical at the registry office. Soft pastel shades are particularly suitable for belts to accentuate the waist. In addition, this tone can be picked up in colour in your maid of honor’s dress. You should make sure that your best friend’s dress comes from the same colour family, but is not the same shade. So the dresses look more harmonious.

Register dress: Short skirts

You like to wear short dresses? Then of course the wedding dress is also a nice way for the registry office to show your legs. But pay attention to the weather when wearing short dresses! If you don’t get married in summer, it can get cool around your legs. As a shoe lover the short wedding dress is of course the model of choice. After all, your main focus for the bridal look lies on the chic shoes you bought for the wedding.

Short civil dresses for more colour

Short wedding dresses are also excellent for bringing colour into play. Especially light pastel shades go well with short dresses. They are not too intrusive and conjure up a hint of colour in your face. Especially if pure white is simply not your case.

Coloured variation of the registry office dress

Wedding dresses in blush are absolutely trendy! They are therefore especially suitable for brides who would like to do without the traditional white for their wedding dress for the registry office. The delicate pink looks festive and yet the wedding dress has a “white” or pure character.

Wedding dresses for the registry office in all circumstances

The traditional wedding season is from May to September. However, more and more brides are opting for a winter wedding. Some of you will be standing at the altar of your wedding, not just the two of you, but the three of you. For all these ‘circumstances’ we have the right wedding dresses for you!

Register dress: Winter Wedding

Weddings in winter can be so beautiful! When the air is incredibly clear and cold and the sun still warms the faces. If you marry civil in winter, your choice of clothes should be accordingly. Long dresses are currently also combined with long sleeves. This is an enchanting variation for style-conscious brides. There is a wide selection of different looks to choose from. From the more romantic wedding dresses with embroidered tops to simple, high-necked cuts – both looks are absolutely trendy. They are particularly suitable for a modern, urban wedding.