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2019 Bridal Dresses | 80 Different Wedding Dresses

You are engaged and now looking for the perfect wedding dress for your wedding in 2019? Then you’ve come to the right place, because here we give you an overview of all the important trends in the bridal gown collections 2019. It’s striking: The one big trend, which already determined the collections in 2016, will be continued next year: Anything goes!

So whether you like lace or smooth satin, ball gown or A-line with a long train – the decision will not be made easy for you this year either. Here we present you the most famous and most beautiful trends for next year. Or you can jump directly into our gallery, where you can browse through all the clothes.

2019 Bridal Dresses Galery – The current Runway Shows and Picture Gallery

Wedding dresses 2019 – Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham – this stands for A-line wedding dresses, which are numerously decorated. Elegant wedding dresses for boho brides looking for a figure-hugging dress that is very festive and feminine. The Desigenrin will remain true to this line also in 2019. Only that the decorations become more and more elaborate and daring.

So it may also be a very deep neckline or ornaments that emphasize the female forms. The campaign video lets you guess: Jenny Packham wants to appeal to natural brides who want a dress that matches the occasion without looking for the red carpet moment.

Remarkable: Jenny Packham’s models always wear open hair. The hairstyle is often decorated with embroidered hair rings or hair bands. This underlines the boho factor of her vision even more. Colour also appears again and again in her collection – from blush to light green and bronze – as long as the dresses are elaborately decorated and glitter through many sequins.

Brides, who are looking for a slimming A-line, which becomes a real eye-catcher by many sequins, are at the right address with Jenny Packham. You can also make a real fashion statement with Princess Kate’s famous favourite designer.

Wedding dresses 2019 – Naeem Khan

Fashion fans watch out – here comes Naeem Khan! The designer is a star in the fashion designer world and not only designs the most impressive wedding dress collections, he also likes to take care of the wow moment on the red carpet. Brides from Naeem Khan want one thing: to stand out and stand out from the rest of the brides. His designs play with many forms and fabrics, wildly mixed up, but always emphasizing the female silhouette of the woman.

His Arabic roots are reflected in the coarse lace on the dress and long veils, as well as in the opulent headdress and bridal jewelry in general. Here at the wedding, the motto is: “Blocks instead of spilling”. What we can copy from his collection: A bride is only a bride once in her life and she is allowed to celebrate that. A little faithfulness to one’s origins is also a beautiful detail. This can also be achieved through a family heirloom in combination.

Naeem Khan designs wedding dresses for modern but traditional brides. Brides who love fashion and play with fabrics and designs, but are also looking for an eye-catching wedding dress. Special no two dresses are alike. You are truly wearing a unique dress – made for a bride who wants to feel like a queen.

Wedding dresses 2019 – Oscar of la Renta

Oscar de la Renta stands for Hollywood and its brides. A classic if you’re looking for a ‘film like’ wedding dress. He understands like no other what it means to make a wedding dress look like a real wedding dress. Ball gowns that are bright white, often shoulderless and very, very wide. Oscar’s brides love the grand entrance and look for fashion statements that become classics. Just this much: Amal Clooney was his most famous customer in recent years.

But also Kate Bosworth, Katherine Heigl and many other Hollywood stars love his wedding dresses. Unfortunately, the designer passed away a few years ago, but his empire lives on. All in the style of his long career.

The 2019 collection features wedding dresses that return to classic cuts. No elaborate adornments, but rather smooth satin fabric, soft flowing chiffon and tulle rather than underskirt. Traditional brides looking for a high quality wedding dress that has the potential to become a true heirloom will find their dress here. He shows us that simple elegance does everything right and is also timeless.


Wedding dresses 2019 – Reem Acra

Reem Acra is an indispensable part of a trend report on bridal gowns 2019. The popular designer from Lebanon is shaping the mdoerne bride like no other. What is at the forefront of her wedding dresses: body-hugging designs that attract attention with playful details. Flowing fabrics, often with a short train, are well suited for free weddings in nature or on the beach, but they also go well with traditional ceremonies.

You can dance through the night in these wedding dresses. Since the mdoe-conscious designer also uses current fashion trends in her dresses, you will also find glittering wedding dresses, illusion necklines that are sometimes decorated with siptzen and deep necklines. Fashion trends and wearing comfort – actually the perfect combination for a wedding dress.

The fact that the dresses flatter the female silhouette makes you think about every dress – yes, that would suit me too – regardless of which details such as lace, shape and neckline you ultimately choose. In this collection every kind of bride will find her perfect wedding dress.

Wedding dresses 2019 – Pink Clará

Rosa Clara – that stands for bridal dreams in pure white. Here, pearl and rhinestone appliqués are also slightly used – but the softly flowing white of body-stressed wedding dresses is in the foreground. Brides who want to put their figure in the limelight will find the right wedding dress here. Rosa Clara loves long trains, mermaids’ dresses and traditional cuts.

The bridal kilids are slightly ladylike, with Carmen necklines and dresses in ivory instead of pure white. But there is no more elegant way to stage your own appearance. In these dresses you can walk along the red carpet (of the church). The admiring looks of those present are guaranteed. The small disadvantage: In these wedding dresses one can hardly conceal. For all brides who feel completely comfortable with their figure, these wedding dresses are real treasures.

Of course there are also ball gowns in the collection, and so the dresses all remind of certain roles that brides can play. One sees a Grace Kelly, a young princess but also the classic Greek goddess as an idea for one’s own bridal look. Classic looks for brides who have one characteristic in common: Elegance!

Wedding dresses 2019 – Pronovias

Pronovias – everyone knows this wedding dress brand thanks to Barcelona Bridal Week and its brilliant brand ambassador Irina Shayk. And the label is very aware of this image. This is why you can also see the motto for bridal gowns 2019: “There’s more to it than that. Pronovias stands for elaborate ball gowns with lots of lace and long trains.

Pronovias picks up all the big trends in its collection – lace backs, long trains, wide ball skirts, every dress stands out by driving a trend to the top. Of course, these are beautiful, extraordinary wedding dresses. Every woman will knock her future husband out of his socks in one of these dresses. If the purse also plays along beforehand.

At Pronovias every kind of bride will find her dream dress. The label is now so big that it represents all styles and dresses in its house. An appointment in one of the salons is definitely worth a visit. And brides who are looking for extravagant, fairytale-like dream dresses are here in the bridal gown paradise.